Zhivago Theater

Award winning theatre act to play Brighton Fringe with Zhivago Theater. A breathtaking multimedia theatre show that offers a window to the soul of Russia’s turbulent past. After 60 sold out shows in the Netherlands they are coming to Brighton Fringe.

Zhivago Theater is about Dr. Zhivago, unique picture material, and live Russian music performed by award-winning musicians and theatre makers Irena Filippova and Hans Visser.

The show tells the story of Russia from 1900 to 1960. A time where Russia had two faces: Pasternak and Stalin. Both are a benchmark of that specific period. One is humane, the other cruel. One is spiritual and sensible and the other is suspicious and jealous. Two opposites, two extremes; as contradictory as the time they lived in.

Irena Filippova is an extremely talented accordionist and theatre-maker. Russian by birth but living in the Netherlands where she has written, produced and starred in multiple theatre productions. She performed Zhivago Theatre 60 times in sold out theatres in the Netherlands. Hans Visser is an award-winning musician (Platinum and Golden Records) and an award-winning theatre producer (Golden Giraffe). Together they are seasoned theatre makers and after conquering the Dutch theatre scene they are excited to be part of Brighton Fringe.

Irena Filippova said: “I am so excited about playing Zhivago Theater at Brighton Fringe. The show features unique images from Russia at the start of the 20th century. We’ve also included images shot by my husband that show the effects of 70 years of communism and the aftermath of that. This is a show that shows a side of Russia not many people are familiar with.”