(ENG) The Kingdom of Senses

The Kingdom of Senses

A beautiful musical fairytale about the senses

“In a faraway land, in a beautiful castle high up in the mountains lives the King and his Court, the Senses. There are five of them: Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue and little Helping Hand.

Sometimes the Senses argue about who is the most important, but the wise king knows that each of them is as important as the other, so he makes sure they live together in harmony. Every day he sends them out into the world to find out about what is going on outside his castle…”

Theatrical, stimulating, educational

The Kingdom of Senses helps children, in an adventurous and fun way, to get to know the world of the senses. The characters, Eye, Ear, Tongue, Nose and Helping Hand are metaphors for sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, but there is also a mysterious sixth Sense in the Kingdom…!

When children visit Ear in the Kingdom of Sound, they discover how sounds are made. In Eye’s Kingdom of Colours they can marvel at the magical effect colours have.

The comical songs help parents to enjoy the King and his Senses just as much as their children. An experience for young and old.

The Kingdom of Senses is a cross medial concept. The past four years have been very successful and the musical has been awarded a 9.4 by the Dutch public.

The Kingdom of Senses has been brought out as a musical, two books including CDs and a film.