Gitaar Albums

Recorded and mixed Spring 1987 at the Ante Sonic Studio, Arnhem, Holland for CBS records.
Musicians; Hans Visser – Gibson Chet Atkins, Theo Sharpach Acoustic Guitar, Ante Cetinic – Keyboards
Koen van Baal – Keyboards, Annelies de Jong – Keyboards, Alexander Nichting – Keyboards, Violin
Jan Hollestelle – Bassguitar, Peter Verstraten – Bassguitar, Annet Visser – Flutes, Rokus – Bassethorn
Lieve Geuens – Vocals, Rob Janssen – Drums.

1. Tales of the Cave (Hans Visser) 5:18
2. Lackluster Eyes(Hans Visser / Lieve Geuens) 4:44
3. Walking the Thin Line(Hans Visser)4:22
4. Passions (Hans Visser) 4:07
5. Egyption Suite(parts: Desert/Oasis/Pyramid)7:04
6. Cathedral (Hans Visser) 5:08
7. Tidal Waves (Hans Visser) 4:07
8. Keltic (Hans Visser) 4:20







Pacific Fuel is a compilation of the best instrumental parts of  ‘ History of the Jazz ‘ and ‘ Latin Love ‘ , musical theatre programmes by Hans Visser & Friends.  Recorded and mixed at Hans Visser Studios, Utrecht, The Netherlands by Vincent Oostveen and Hans Visser. Digital CD mastering at Channel Classics Studio Amsterdam.

Musicians; Hans Visser – Acoustic Guitars, Martin Sussbauer – Soprano- and Altsax, Daniel Lehman – Doublebass, Michel Ristenpatt – Grand Piano, Cora Den Haring – Cello, Ramses Dunker – Percussion.

1. PLAY  Con Fusion
2. PLAY  Latin Suite
3. PLAY  Belle of the South
4. PLAY  Infinito Azul
5. PLAY  Planter’s chair
6. PLAY  Pacific Fuel
7. PLAY  Letter from Home
8. PLAY  Goodnight Pacific 













All songs recorded at Hans Visser Studio, Utrecht. All songs edited by John Smit at Wisseloord Studios Hilversum. For CBS records.

Musicians: Hans Visser – Acoustic guitars, Annet Visser – Flutes and melodica, Marcel Andriessen – Marimba and vibrafone, Paul Diekman – Keyboards and Grand piano. Guest Musicians: Erik Visser – Mandola, Peter Weekers – Percussion, Wim Witteman – Keyboards

1. PLAY  The Netherlands
Dawn, The Dance
2. PLAY  Denmark
3. PLAY  Ireland
Arrival, Soldiers Jig
4. PLAY  England
Stonehenge, Part 1, 2, 3
5. PLAY  Belgium
6. PLAY  Luxemburg
7. PLAY  Germany
L’express du Soleil
8. PLAY  France
Nuit de Luimiere
9. PLAY  Italy
Portami Via
10. PLAY  Greece
11. PLAY  Portugal
Danca Portuguesa, Saudade
11. PLAY  Spain