The Kingdom of Senses

The Kingdom of Senses
A beautiful musical fairytale about the senses
“In a faraway land, in a beautiful castle high up in the mountains lives the King and his Court, the Senses. There are five of them: Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue and little Helping Hand.  Sometimes the Senses argue about who is the most important, but the wise king knows that each of them is as important as the other, so he makes sure they live together in harmony. Every day he sends them out into the world to find out about what is going on outside his castle…”

Theatrical, stimulating, educational
The Kingdom of Senses helps children, in an adventurous and fun way, to get to know the world of the senses. The characters, Eye, Ear, Tongue, Nose and Helping Hand are metaphors for sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, but there is also a mysterious sixth Sense in the Kingdom…! When children visit Ear in the Kingdom of Sound, they discover how sounds are made. In Eye’s Kingdom of Colours they can marvel at the magical effect colours have. The comical songs help parents to enjoy the King and his Senses just as much as their children. An experience for young and old.

De kinderen maken op een leuke manier kennis met de wereld van de zintuigen: voelen, proeven, ruiken, zien en horen. En niet te vergeten met het 6de zintuig, de intuïtie. Het verhaal is amuserend en educatief. Wil je op bezoek bij Oortje, in zijn Klankrijk, om te beleven hoe geluiden ontstaan of wil je samen met Oogje in haar Kleurrijk de iris bekijken. Alles kan in de fascinerende wereld van de Zintuigen!  Het Zintuigenrijk is voor kinderen van 4 tot 11 jaar.

Whilst the audience is entering the marquee, the entrance orchestra and the dancers put on a brief welcoming show. This is an initial acquaintance with the Senses. When the children have entered the marquee, they are free to take part in the singing and dancing together with the orchestra and the dancers. This creates an atmosphere of familiarity and also acts as a buffer for those who arrive early or latecomers. Once everyone has arrived, they are taken to the central marquee where the Main Show will be performed. The Main Show is an all-encompassing experience of sound, colour and text presented by means of surround projection music, song and play. The show has been put together in a way that suits the whole audience: the SMH children, their parents, brothers and sisters and aids. Textually and intellectually the musical is geared towards the parents and brothers and sisters, whereas the colourful surroundings (surround projection) and music are geared towards the SMH children. It is amusement and experience.

The Kingdom of Senses is a cross medial concept. The past four years have been very successful and the musical has been awarded a 9.4 by the Dutch public.

After the main show, which lasts approx. 25 minutes, everyone is split into 4 equal groups and each group proceeds to a theme marquee. The theme marquees are based on sensory experience and are staffed by SMH experts and actors, musicians or dancers. The 4 theme marquees, which form a square around the central marquee, each have their own 15 minute programme, the technical support of which is centrally directed thus ensuring that each group starts and ends at the same time. After 15 minutes, the groups move on to the next marquee, which means that after 1 hour all 4 groups have completed the same programme.

When each of the 4 marquees has been visited, all the groups meet up again in the central marquee for the festive finale. The show ends with everyone returning to the entrance marquee for the closing experience that includes adapted catering, photo shoots with the clowns and the Senses and an informal gathering. A short educative film is also shown. During the gathering, parents have the opportunity to talk to one another and share their experiences. The atmosphere is friendly. Settings and furniture finish off the whole. Everything is connected and one single theme, ‘The Kingdom of Senses’, binds all the elements, artists and staff together.

The choice has been made to perform the show several times a day. The whole performance lasts for approx. 2 hours. The programme is a combination of adapted entertainment for SMH children and music theatre. The whole programme is made up of a main show with music theatre and colourful projection, suitable for the whole audience and 5 theme marquees suitable for SMH children. It is a great performance with a professional cast, whereby colour and sound is geared towards the SMH group and whereby the texts have the intellectual level of the aids, parents and brothers and sisters. The idea and effect of the whole concept is to provide amusement for both SMH children and ‘normal’ people in an artistic and intellectual way. This is done by interweaving experiences and intellectual aspects in the form of entertainment.

The concept is based on a average of 40 to 45 children per marquee. This ensures that it is not too busy for the children and also means that they receive more personal attention. There is a total of 60 visitors, SMH children, aids, parents, brothers and sisters, per marquee. In the case of children with long-term illnesses without severe symptoms and no wheelchairs, 50 people can be accommodated.

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